In Our Own Words - ܼһФһϴȫ


In Our Own Words

The following quotes from our students and staff give a true sense of what it’s really like to learn and teach at ܼһФһϴȫ:

“There’s a solidarity here, everyone gets involved.”
Student: Giselle Royal-Collins

“You have the freedom to be whoever you want to be.”
Student: Labibah Ahmed

“Our whole-school events and celebrations create a sense of shared pride and they bring our school community together.”
Teacher: Elaine Cogan, SENDCO and Old Girl 1991-98

“You can use your voice as a powerful tool for change, but there are many other ways to express yourself too.”
Student: Hazel Anderton, Y9

"We respect that other people hold different views, and that’s OK.”
Student: Anna Raju

“Our school values are meaningful to us. We’re proud to see those values represented in our new emblem, we can see them and wear them every day.”
Student: Hana Sultan

“The level of colleague support is really high, there’s a great collegiate atmosphere.”
Teacher: Joe Gould, Head of English

“We have a responsibility to keep educating ourselves and other people about important issues, such as equality, justice and climate change.”
Student: Sophia Bailey

“We’re a resilient community and we will keep trying to bring about change on important issues.”
Student: Heidi Szynkaruk

“Students display our values in many ways, including actively looking for solutions to improve the world around them for everyone.”
Teacher: Emma Young, Vice Principal

“We need to remain curious about history and about issues such as racism, discrimination and inequality because if we stop asking questions and looking for answers, nothing will change.”
Student: Hemlata Pant

“Our students are curious, they have the confidence to ask questions and reflect on the answers.”
Teacher: Caroline McClean, Vice Principal

“Through our enrichment programme, we give every student the opportunity to develop the type of communication skillset that will enable them to influence change and build a better future.”
Teacher: Andrew Young, Head of STEAM

“We feel confident that it’s OK to ask difficult questions and to express how we feel; and we know that our teachers will support us and help us to be heard, whilst reminding us that it’s also important to listen.”
Student: Ellie Lunt

“The name has changed and now, as a school community, we’re already looking to the next horizon.”
Teacher: Joe Gould, Head of English

“There’s nowhere in Bristol that I’d rather work. This is a great school that is not afraid to move forwards.” Teacher:
Elaine Cogan, SENDCO and Old Girl 1991-98